Stewardship Curriculum (for Sunday Schools or Christian/Parochial schools)

Christian School educators and Sunday School teachers with more than 40 years combined experience helped create this simple and easy to use tool to teach stewardship. The My Dog Mulligan Stewardship curriculum is perfect for your Sunday School, Christian or Parochial school, or for home school families.

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Click here to preview the curriculum (PDF of one lesson):

Included in the curriculum:

  • 3 lessons on the stewardship of possessions
  • An audio file of the author and his friends reading the book
  • 2 age appropriate curriculum versions (K-2nd Grade; 3rd-4th Grade)
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Skits
  • Scripture theme verses
  • Small group questions
  • Take home sheets

All the resources are available through digital download. A Christian School/Parochial School supplement is also available separately with more advanced academic tool for your students. For more information about the curriculum or supplement, call 913-710-5012.