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Host a Seminar
Money Management 101: Discovering God’s plan for personal financial management
In this seminar you will: This seminar is appropriate for:
  • Those who desire to organize their financial life according to biblical principles.
  • People who would like to find practical ways to give more to the work of building God’s kingdom.
  • Those searching for a simple, easy-to-use system for organizing one’s finances.
  • Anyone looking to develop biblical values for managing finances.
  • People looking for motivation to make a change in the area of personal finances.
What should I bring?
It is helpful to bring the following items (this information is strictly for personal use and will not be shared with anyone):
  • Calculator
  • Pay stubs
  • Credit Card statements
  • Checkbook
  • Budget
  • Investment statements
The Freedom Principle: Get out of Debt and Stay Out!