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Capital Stewardship Campaign Management and Services
Capital stewardship campaigns are another great way to foster stewardship in your church...if they are done right.

Matt Schoenfeld, through his partnership with Church Development has helped numerous churches raise millions of dollars for ministry expansion, facilities upgrades, and enhanced ministry programming. He will help your church conduct a capital campaign that is based on prayer and stewardship, and he will manage every detail of your project. Thus, Matt can now help you with all facets of stewardship ministry – personal finance training, estate planning and planned giving, and capital stewardship projects.

Matt will lead your church through a campaign experience that is very different from what most capital campaign companies offer. He will actually tailor the campaign to your church and manage the campaign for you. Matt won't tell you what to do to raise the funds, he will do the work for you and partner with you to raise the funds! No need to hire an additional staff person to manage the campaign – let Matt and Church Development do this for you. This will free you up to carry out the ministry God has called you to.

Matt's capital stewardship leadership will not only enhance your stewardship ministry, it will boost the spiritual life of your church as well. If your church is considering a building expansion or renovation in the near future, please contact Matt for a free consultation about how to run a prayer- and stewardship-based capital campaign. We'll give you the personalized service you need to help expand your church’s vision and ministry. If you have further questions, or if we can be of assistance with any your capital stewardship needs, please do not hesitate to contact Matt at 913-710-5012.